life coach anxiety depression

Life coach anxiety depression

According to a report from the University of Cambridge report. More than 8 million people in the UK suffer some sort of anxiety disorder and women are more susceptible to it than men.


Anxiety is caused by a build-up of stress hormones, which have no other way to go then to turn into anxiety. As anxiety leaves you powerless, it leads often to an anxiety about the anxiety. A vicious circle.


Elements that also adds to the vicious circle are shame and not feeling understood by others. Plus telling yourself it is ridiculous to feel like this doesn’t help either.

  • Are you keen to understand more about your anxiety?
  • Would you love to ‘get a grip’ and feel more in control?
  • Are you interested in learning some techniques to deal differently with your anxiety?

Then this small-scale, complimentary event is for you: ‘How to overcome anxiety’ – the first steps

Dr Mariette Jansen will explain more about the source of anxiety and help you to understand more about your personal anxiety.

Do you feel powerless and desperate, not knowing how to change your situation? Feeling alone and not understood? During this event, you will meet others who recognise your feelings and your situation and feel less isolated.

Do you dream of a life that is not dictated by anxiety? You can make a start during this complimentary event by learning some practical and easy techniques that will help you immediately feeling a bit better and that will work in the long term as well.

Bonus gift

After attending, you will receive a complimentary 27 minutes video with 7 tips to reduce anxiety.


Saturday 17 March from 12 – 2 pm in The library in The Heart in Walton-on-Thames

Saturday 24 March from 10 -12 pm at  Twickenham Therapy Centre, 100 Heath road, Twickenham

Register by emailing Mariette (

Spaces are limited to 20 in Walton and 15 in Twickenham.


Anxiety was keeping me at home

‘Your session has changed my life. I sleep like a baby and feeling so much better. I haven’t had any more of my weird anxiety episodes. When I feel something coming up, I do your one minute and it goes. It helped me so much more than the Headspace app. I feel positive and can’t thank you enough’ –  Cathy, 37, Surrey