Every Tuesday I am hosting my own TV show ‘From Victim to Victor’.

It was hard to believe when I listened to John Kelly, producer at Bold&Brave TV over the phone on 20 November 2021. He told me he loved my knowledge, my accent and my energy and and he was always looking for new talent and presenters.

I was just listening and wondering what was going on…

Then he popped the question: ‘Would I be willing to host 24 one-hour shows? Plus do an interview with Jill Nicolini?’ streamed to over a million recipients.

It offered me an opportunity to expand my horizon with new skills, enlarge my audience and send out my message in a different way.

I didn’t have to think long.


I got my equipment sorted, redesigned the living room into a studio, got my training sessions, approached potential guests and the first live show is happening on Tuesday 22 March. The regular show time is 6pm in the UK, but due to Summer time changes, on Tuesday it is 5pm. All following Tuesdays the live broadcast will be UK time 6pm, EST 1 pm, PST 10 am.

AND NOW I AM NERVOUS and SCARED. It is a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ feeling. It also makes me realise that my mission is more important than my fear.

Recognise the living room elements in my tv studio? The sofa, tv and blinds?

What is the show From Victim to Victor about?

The show brings you inspirational stories and experiences of regular people who made the transition from feeling powerless to taking control.

This is the show that will empower anyone and everyone.

We all feel powerless about certain situations in life: family, work, money, relationships, experiences…

As your host, I will offer you tips and tools each show to make changes to your situation.

Helping you to change from a victim into a victor. Like I did after having been a victim for 58 years but turned it around when I cut the cords with my narcissistic mother. An incredibly difficult but life changing decision.

Every week I will have a guest, who will talk openly, bold and bravely about their challenges.

The first week is slightly different, as I will be partly host and partly guest as my friend, radio presenter Jill Bennet, will take over to interview me.

If you want to know about my background or just generally want to get to know me better, tune in and check me out or go to the website and stream the episode.

I will communicate via my weekly email and social media who my guest is and what we will be talking about. To sign up for my email, click here.

Two questions that I will always ask:

‘What is your one trait that gets in the way of your happiness and well-being?’ My guests are bold and brave and don’t hide themselves from you.

‘Who is the narcissist in your life and how are you or have been affected by them?’ Because everyone has at least one narcissist in their lives and it is important to recognise them so you can protect yourself.

Want to find out if the unpleasant person in your life is a narcissist? Do this quiz.

If you think you want to be a guest on the show, please email me. If you know someone else suitable, please email me. Don’t hesitate to listen, comment, phone in for free on the free number 866 451 1451. Calling from outside the US, add 001 at the beginning.

The links to watch From Victim to Victor

  1. Live

www.boldbrave.com   Click Watch Live

  1. Audio version


  1. Archive of recorded shows

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