narcissistic abuse recovery coach

Growing up with a narcissistic mother – Mariette’s story – click the picture to read the pdf.

Narcissistic abuse recovery coach

When I was asked to be interviewed and tell ‘your story’ for the edition of Inspirational Stories’ in the winter edition of Expert Profiles, I didn’t think for one moment and said YES. It is important for me to educate others about the behaviour, traits and dangers of narcissists. And what better insights to offer than those from my own life?

Recovering from narcissistic abuse is lonely

Recovering from narcissistic abuse is a lonely journey. It is difficult to understand for the outside world what has been playing out behind closed doors and the abuse is often unbelievably subtle. How often I heard people say to me that even though my narcissistic mother was unkind, distant and cruel, she ‘loves you underneath all this.’ Really?

Big milestones take place in solitude

‘The little girl jumped on her little red bike. It was going to be the start of a new life. She was going to the big school. The first day today. When she arrived at the school she was surprised by all the parents that were there….’

I grew up with a narcissistic mother. A mother who let her 6-year-old daughter find her own way to school on that very first day. A mother who kept domineering and controlling my thoughts, actions and life, a mother who shut my mouth closed my heart, put me down and made me feel the most worthless person in the universe.

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Narcissistic abuse recovery coach

My personal journey has led me to become a therapist and coach, specialised in dealing with and overcoming narcissistic abuse. I wrote a best-selling and award-winning self-help book, which not only helps victims but also others who want to gain a better understanding of narcissism. Click here to order.

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