should you follow your dreams

Should you follow your dreams

This week I met two people who talked about their dreams.

Being an artist is my mission

Elsa was very sad as ‘life got in the way’ of her dreams quite dramatically and she was convinced her dreams could not come true….. Elsa who is 39 wanted to be an artist all her life. And she had started a Masters in London last September. Loved every minute of it. BUT….. her partner got made redundant and she needs to go back to work.

Horses are my life

Freya was reminiscing about the past and told me how she always wanted to have her own horse; from the age of 8, that was her dream. And now, being just over 50, it was too late…..

Both ladies got trapped in the myth of conditions: I can only have what I really want if the circumstances and the timings are perfect.
They both allow themselves to be a victim of external factors and have forgotten that it is their own strength and determination that will make their dream come true.

Make it happen

If you really want something, you make it happen. Maybe not in the way, you thought it would be, but in an adapted version that would still hold the dream.

How does that work for Elsa, being an artist? She needs to believe it is going to happen, work towards it by looking out for part-time education, making sure she allocates time during evenings and weekends to develop her knowledge and skills. Building on what she has learned this year so far.

Freya who wants a horse needs to look into ways of getting involved in a horse community, spend a few hours each week in stables, investigate the options of sharing a horse and needs to set money aside for it.

The biggest fear of people is to die with regrets.

Don’t let it happen to you.

  • Would you have loved to ….. ?
  • Are you sad you never did ….. ?
  • Do you regret giving up …..?

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