tips to change your life

Tips to change your life. Holidays are a dream and one day you have to wake up……

Do you find it hard to come back after your holidays?
Is it a shock to notice that life hasn’t changed?
Is it a challenge to face reality?
Read further to learn how you could use your holidays to make your day-to-day life easier.

Isn’t it nice to be able to escape? To just fly away to a beautiful sunny place and forget all your worries and sorrows.

Like Anita was hoping to do. She was at the end of her tether when she left her job 4 months ago. Nothing in her life was working out and she felt like putting her middle finger up to daily life, people and situations.

She took a plane and left. She had a great time discovering South America, visiting cities, doing a tracking, resting on a beach and meeting loads of people who didn’t know anything about her.
Absolute bliss.
She really felt calm and in control.
Until her money run out and she came back.
To the same situations, the same people and a daily life that was worse than when she left.

Tips to change your life: You always take the weather with you

‘I felt so good when I was out there. How come I feel so crap now?’ was her question to me.
My answer was straightforward: ‘Because you tried to escape dealing with your challenges. You gave yourself a break, but didn’t resolve anything. You felt different when you were away. However, you hadn’t changed, nor had anything else. And when you come back, it hit you even stronger as it did before you went.’

Do you want to use your break to escape or to make progress? Both aims are valid, but if you want to use your time to prepare for changes, here are my tips.

 Tips to make changes during your escape:
1. Take a notebook and a pen with you and aim to write about your challenges each day. Not with the aim to resolve anything, but with the aim to see different angles and process emotions
2. Take ONE self-help or personal development book with you, read it and apply all the suggestions
3. Towards the end of your break, list what you have learned in bullet points and take those as a starting point to tackle your challenges

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