TV Show From Victim to Victor episode 3

In this show I spent time with Big Tom (Pratten), who has lived a life of extremes. He is big: personally, professionally and physically.

When you have the energy, mindset and body to literally jump into what is on offer in life, you will have very interesting and enriching experiences. Like Tom.

However, it takes skills to manages a life like that. Having been in the Royal Marines reserve and loving extreme sports, Tom discovered the benefits of spirituality. He is the embodiment of holistic living.

A few key snippets of our conversation are covered in this blogpost. To see the full show, click here.

Tom and I met in a gym, where he saw a leaflet about a meditation workshop, hosted by me and he decided to attend. That was the start of a major change in his journey from victim to victor.

Tom’s life changed when he was about 11 and knew what he wanted: ‘I want to be a member of the British skiing team.’ Unfortunately, it was laughed away by his parents and it not only knocked his dream, it sparked something else in him. He became angry, felt worthless, alone and unsupported, and keen to prove he was worthy through extreme actions and behaviour. Self destruction, substance abuse, high energy and enthusiasm were all part of the mix of his life.

He joined the army, fought in Afghanistan and Iran and has been traumatised and damaged by war experiences.

These and his absence of self-love and self-appreciation created big struggles and led to very dark moments and episodes.

Tom has discovered that being an empath and loathing yourself makes a great target for narcissists and those experiences didn’t feed the self-love either.

Being in a male dominated environment didn’t inspire introspection, processing of emotions or spirituality.

However, after discovering meditation, followed by coaching and therapy Tom learned to address what was going on inside him. He started to deal differently with his dark episodes. Spirituality and nature became the beacons to keep him in the right place in life.

He takes his regular breaks in the mountains to keep fit and to take people on experiences and his dream is to take YOU to the arctic, his specialist area.

His company is called Moors2Mountains and offers expeditions in nature in different parts of the world. For a holiday, an arctic expedition, team building, hen do or anything else. Instagram is #Moors_2_Mountains. To receive Big Tom’s top tips for successful expeditions, click here.

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