how to change your mindset from negative to positiveHow to change your mindset from negative to positive

Negativity is a low vibrational energy. It doesn’t contribute to happiness, lightness and joy. How can you spot negativity?

Last week I overheard a conversation from my neighbour’s balcony between two friends, Penny and Nina.

P: ‘Hi darling, so nice to talk to you’

N: ‘Yes it’s a shame it’s on Zoom and not in real life’

P: ‘I know, but at least we can see each other’

N: ‘Is your picture also blurred? It not so sharp here.’

P: ‘Maybe it’s the internet?’

N: ‘Yeah, lots of problems here. And no proper solutions from the provider.’

P: ‘I love the sun. It feels like summer.’

N: ‘Yes I know, it’s too hot for me.’

P: ‘What have you been up to?’

N: ‘You’ve got no idea how busy I am: homeschooling is a nightmare. I don’t get to do anything else done than that and trying to get my course work in.’

P: ‘Ah, your course. Do you enjoy it?’

N: ‘Well, online is not the same as going to college.’

P: ‘I have been busy, too. My working days are the longest ever, so it helps I don’t have to commute.’

N: ‘Imagine that. You would contract Corona from any tube ride.’

P: ‘Well, I keep myself as healthy as I can. Home cooking is my new skill.’

N: ‘It’s such a shame we can’t get all the produce, such as flour.’

P: ‘Oh yeah, I just cook without it.’

N: ‘But then it doesn’t taste as nice.’

By that time, I noticed my irritation started to rise, so I walked indoors to be out of hearing distance.

Nina had clearly embraced a negative mindset.

Every single sentence started with a declaration of how things were not as good as they could or should have been.

Nina might have been right with everything she said. But her communication was incomplete as in that she only noticed the ‘bad stuff’ and at no point saw the positives.

The external communication reflects the internal mindset and it is quite clear that Nina is a bundle of negativity.

There are different ways to change your mindset.

One of those is my little daily ritual of ‘Magical ME’. A simple way of looking back at your day, which makes you alert during the day to see the positives. And maybe even look for them.

Magical ME honours gratitude, an open mind, curiosity, self-love and self-awareness. It won’t take longer than 2 minutes but it might transform your daily experiences from negative to positive.

It is my present to you, to help you get through challenging times with high spirits.

‘Magical Me’ or how to change your mindset

Magical Me, your 6 weeks guide to a metamorphosis

‘Magical ME’ is personal training in how to train your mind to create more positive and helpful thoughts.

I have been working with clients for nearly 20 years and I have noticed that most people don’t rate themselves, are inclined to think negative rather than positive and easily forget the good ‘stuff’.

‘Magical Me’ is a book that connects you with love. Love for yourself and love for life. Add to that a thankful awareness and gratitude and you are in for the positive ride. If you manage to follow the day-to-day activities, which will take no more than a minute, you might realise as Karen did:

‘My life has so many good things, and I never realised until I did the Magical Me process. Thank you Mariette’.