Importance of knowing yourself

Knowing yourself better leads to a happier life

One of the main factors of happiness is being at ease with yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. Plus of course, developing a loving relationship with yourself. The main person in your life is you. And the only one who will be always with you is… you. The only one who can answer all the questions about you is … you. The only one who knows best for you is… you.

And that is if you spend time on really getting to know yourself. From the start of your life, there has been messages from other people to confuse the clarity about yourself. Children are not capable of rationally thinking and judging of what is being said to them and they just take on board whatever they hear. It is only later in life that you might discover that what you thought was you and your opinion is actually somebody else’s. That’s why it didn’t work well for you in the first place.

Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis (a psychological framework of understanding the human psyche through interpersonal communication transactions), developed the theory of life script in the 1960’s. A life script is the collection of beliefs that forms our subconscious life plan. It is ‘made in childhood, reinforced by parents, justified by subsequent events, and culminating in a chosen alternative.’ Often a life script is not about you, but about the opinions of people you grew up with and there are big parts you are not connecting with.

I call that ‘noise on the line’. Noise as in ideas which are not yours, that don’t resonate and therefore are blocking you to get closer to your authentic self.

The benefits of being authentic

  1. You can be real, honest and honour your values and beliefs

You come from a place of self-respect and self-love and any choice you make will support you being your valuable self.

  1. Live your life and not somebody else’s

You let go of being fake, putting on a mask, aiming to make a good impression on others. It is not important what others think of you, as long as you are okay with choices and decisions. That is what matters. Rowing your own boat.

  1. Life becomes simple

Simple doesn’t mean necessarily easy. But when you have to make choices you will not be distracted by stuff that doesn’t really matter to you and it will be clear what is the right decision for you.

Discovering your life script, your authentic self and what makes your heart things can all be the focus of life coaching. Coaching offers a safe, non-judgmental space to learn more about yourself, develop skills and grow, whether in your personal life or in your professional life. If you want to find out how my coaching could help you, just book a free coaching session with me via this link.

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Here is a little video on how to know yourself.