lack of self care

Lack of self care

As an experienced life coach, I know that one of the most common sources of unhappiness is the lack of self-love. From that comes lack of self-care, putting others first, living on empty, becoming unauthentic, feeling lost in life, low confidence and more.

Most people are supportive of their friends, appreciative of their positive actions and they wouldn’t dream of slaughtering anyone else.

Anyone, but themselves.

Lack of self-care

Time and again I have to point out to my clients how unkind they are. How judgmental, rude and negative. The language they are using is appalling and actually intolerable.

I don’t tell them off. I just make them aware.

And it is about the conversations and interactions they have with themselves about themselves.

Not with others. Oh no, they wouldn’t think of being that horrible. But to themselves, it seems to be okay.

Go for self-love

I would love you to make some changes and why not do that in a ‘Note to self’. Make it loving, kind, compassionate and appreciative.

Like this one below.

Loving note to self

Darling Mariette,

I am so pleased that you got up early this morning to do your meditation. I had noticed that lately, you got a bit sloppy with it. I totally understand as you had a meditation workshop and you recorded some tapes, so you thought you got the practice in anyway. But we both know that it works much better for you when you just leave the warm cosy duvet and practice in your Zen Den. As you did this morning. That was lovely.

You made me smile yesterday when you blew that experiment with the new recipe. One scotch bonnet too many I would say. But it was a brilliant excuse to have a take-away pizza.

And lastly, can I just mention that you have this ability to bring the positive side out, every time. We have spoken about death and laughed, talked divorce and giggled, felt devastated and ended on a happy note. I don’t know what it is, but you do it.

So, thank you for being you. I enjoy being in your company and would love to continue till death do us part.

Big hugs from Mariette

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