life surprises

Go with the flow will get you further

Life surprises

Life is full of surprises and no one could have imagined what is currently happening with the corona animal. That beast that has the power to turn our lives upside down.

It is tough.

For everyone in different ways.

You can plan and organize, but when life throws a Corona everything will change. Has to change. And no one changes that.

Everyone has to face how it affects them and deal with it. There is no choice but change. And to go with the flow.

How can Corona affect you?

Disappointments, like my DS (darling son), who got to his final in the rugby Harlequins cup and most likely can’t play the final in the big stadium.

Devastation to have to reschedule your wedding.

Exhaustion, working harder than ever.

Worries, not being able to work.

Inconvenience, as the red pepper for your favourite recipe is not available.

Uncertainty as no one knows how long this beast is calling the shots.

One thing for sure is that you can use this time as an opportunity to develop yourself, learn new things or do things differently.

  • Doing the same but in a different way. I ditched my boyfriend David. This was before everyone had to. I used to see him 4 or 5 times a week, but those days are over for now. David Lloyd is my gym and I love going to classes like body pump and yoga. Instead I have embraced a new ‘David’ and set up a weekly programme, with yoga, weight training, running and stretching.
  • If you have more time on your hands, decide what you could catch up on. Those unread books on your Kindle or in the bookcase? A bit of decluttering?
  • Or what about unchartered territory? Maybe start to play an instrument? Check out new recipes? Choose a course on Udemy?
  • And how about, just rest and relax? Get a bit more sleep, do a jigsaw, some gardening and do everything a little bit slower. How nice would that be?

And you know what it all comes down to? Mindset. Go with the flow, let go of the control that held you imprisoned and trust that whatever happens, it just needed to happen and it will pass. Often something better comes out of a crisis anyway.

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