Living life on autopilot

          • Do you fly through your days?
      • No time to think or make decisions?
      • Action after action?

Living life on autopilot

Vera was a busy bee. One of these ladies you would phone if something needed to happen. ‘Ask a busy person and it will get done.’ And she loved it. Always on the go.

Vera was a real do’er and tried to cramp in as many actions as possible, every single day. Starting her day with an early run, then getting the kids off to school, running several errands, racing through the shops, making phone calls while at the checkout, into a meeting, attending another meeting, doing the notes while waiting at the station to pick someone up and so it went on. Multi-tasking action woman.

And then…. lockdown.

Still an early morning run, but no school run, no travel time to meetings, lots of activities cancelled and all of a sudden Vera’s days looked very different and she struggled with the change. Because he had time to think. And an opportunity to make choices and invite new elements into her life as she had oodles of time.

That was hard, as she was used to having her time filled without thinking about it. She ran her life and that of others, on automatic pilot and all her thinking was around planning and efficiency.

Until COVID came along.

Vera had to stop …. and think… and got lost. She found me. She became aware of how she had never made conscious choices. What was it that she actually wanted to do, what did she enjoy? What really made her heart sing?

Vera made discoveries: how a lot of her actions pre-COVID were inspired by ‘people-pleasing’, how she felt validated through her activities and how she also secretly resented people asking her for favours.

Vera made changes: she stopped people-pleasing and with that, the resentment disappeared. She also understood her intrinsic value as a good person, knowing she didn’t need to ‘deserve’ her worth by doing other people favours. And instead of riding the rollercoaster without any control, she became mindful about which ride to choose.

Life becomes more ‘normal’ again, but Vera will never go back to her way of living. She is aware of how valuable her time is and how she can take control of it.

Are you on a rollercoaster of activities?

  1. If I had a choice, would I want to do this activity?
  2. Do I really have to do this activity?
  3. What would I love to do instead?
  4. What is holding me back doing that?
  5. Can I organize my time so I can do what I love?

If you don’t feel in control of what you are doing and would love to change that, please book a free coaching call here.