new year new beginnings inspiration

New year new beginnings inspiration

2020 has been a year full of surprises, discoveries and learning.

No one could have anticipated what happened in the year we are about to leave behind. Was it a bad year, a good one? I hate talking about good, bad, positive and negative as it is too judgmental and we are not able to see the full picture yet. We have all had our challenges, but it might turn out to be a very important year for a lot of people. Only time can tell.

But for sure, there were discoveries and changes.

There was less competition for how to spend your time.

With gyms and shops limited openings, travel options reduced, group gatherings forbidden, there was time to explore new activities. One of my friends started to do crafts and absolutely loves it.

Entitlement changed into gratitude.

Things you took for granted are no longer a commodity and what you thought nothing of is now really special. Simple things as a birthday celebration or a drink in the pub.

Community sense and supporting small businesses has become stronger.

My friend will have Xmas dinner with her downstairs neighbour. He invited her as they are both by themselves.

Creativity was sparked.

Who would have thought of a Zoom party? Or yoga online with your own teacher?

Nature revived.

This summer I have seen the most butterflies ever and our garden is full of birds. Do I have time to watch the birds now or are there really more?

Learning to accept and surrender.

The only answer to what you can’t control or change is acceptance (at this moment in time) and surrendering. Not being able to fix it and having to go with the flow and decisions from politicians and scientists is easier from that place. It shows that there are bigger forces at work.

The importance of human contact.

I personally noticed how I love to drink in the company of others, how thirsty I am for direct interaction and physical closeness. And how happy it makes me being in the company of others.

There is a lesson in every experience. Don’t dismiss 2020, but take it in as a part of your journey of personal and maybe even professional development.

How to reflect on 2020?

  • Take some time out, sit back and think what the three most important lessons were that you have learned.
  • Of each of those, how will they support you in the future?
  • What have you appreciated most?
  • What do you value most?
  • And what do you miss most?
  • What has changed you most?

According to astrology, we are moving towards a new era, away from consumerism, things made and bought, big companies, institutions and traditional models of power and authority towards values of education, ideas, connection and connectivity, information, humanitarianism and collective power.

There is hope and the forecast is sunny.

If you are struggling to tap into your hope, please book your free coaching call with Mariette to find your way into a positive future.