how to reset your body after stress

Reset, push the reset button, take a breather,

How to reset your body after stress

Xmas seems ages ago, but actually it is only 6 weeks or so before normal life took over again. And I know that for all of us, including you, the good old stress is kicking in together with tiredness and the tension and busy-ness of living in the fast lane.

That stress wasn’t in the planning, was it?

You have about 60.000 thoughts a day, and only 10.000 of these are positive. The others are loaded with worry and negativity and go up when you watch bad news, hear negative messages or are confronted with stress.

Big numbers with big effects on your well-being.

How to get those positive 10K up a notch?

One of the reasons you have so many more negative than positive thoughts is that your mind works on automatic pilot and the default position of the mind is caveman stuff: be alert and look out for danger. But you really don’t have to, you can choose to invite more positive thoughts.

How can I reset after stress? I can hear you ask that question.

Start reprogramming, training and changing your brain.

Through training your mind in whatever way works for you.

Through listening to singing birds.

Through meditation.

Through red light therapy instead.

Meditation has proven to stimulate physical changes in your brain, promoting resilience, making you stress-resistant and increasing positivity.

How to reset your body after stress? Would you like to get more positive thoughts and feeling less stressed?

Start, right here, right now.

A 5-minute exercise, repeat daily and get control of your thoughts. Push that 10K number of positive thoughts up the hill and let it push out the stress.

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