Daily support in dealings with your narcissist

Daily dealing with a narcissist?

Regular interactions?

Can’t escape communicating with them?

Then here is the help you need.

My new self-help book is written for the ones who are keen to find ways of handling their narcissist without losing themselves.

Are you looking to find responses to the abusive behaviour of your narcissist?

My ‘Rulebook of a Narcissist’ offers guidance on how to deal with nasty behaviour, diminishing words and manipulation.

The book is written with two aims. Supporting people who are suffering from narcissistic abuse and offering them hands-on advice for day-to-day dealings with a narcissist and educating anyone who is interested in learning more about narcissistic personality disorder.

After I published ‘From Victim to Victor’ last year, I have connected with hundreds of victims of narcissistic abuse and what I already suspected was confirmed: narcissists show commonalities in their behaviour regardless of gender, age, and circumstances. I have collected those and bundled in 63 rules. Each rule is explained and followed by a helpful response, offering direct advice on how to handle the situation.

This book is not your usual textbook.

Easy to read and apply

It is laid out with lots of space, to create a sense of lightness and lends itself to be picked up time and again, to check a situation or learn how to respond more effectively.

The topic of narcissistic abuse is heavy and dark enough and an accessible, easy to read book with solutions to daily situations shows a light on the dark side.

For those who are wishing to work through the different rules in more detail, a workbook is available.

‘Rulebook of a Narcissist’ is available in paperback (£14.99) and Kindle (£8.99), the workbook is available in paperback (£9.99) via Amazon on … August.

You can also order the book directly and request a personal note in the front of the book via this link.

The cost for P&P: £4 for UK, £10 for Europe, £20 for the USA and Australia.

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What people say about ‘Rulebook of a Narcissist’

Mariette’s knowledge and passion for the topic oozes from every page. To write about such a complex subject, and make it flow so beautifully is admirable. From the first page to the last, I was absorbed and couldn’t put the book down. So many people’s lives will be enriched by this read. Well done, Mariette. Your first book was exceptional, your second is equally as noteworthy.  Angela W.

Sometimes you find a book and an author who “just makes sense”. Rulebook is one of those books you can read in one sitting or easily flick through and read in bits. I’ve learnt something different each time I’ve picked it up. It’s plain-speaking, which makes it easy to digest and understand. The examples given really helped me realise what I was dealing with and more importantly helped me recognise that it wasn’t me that was the problem. I wholeheartedly recommend you take the time to read this book.  Wendy A.

A lovely laid-out book, which is easy on the eye. The Rules are clearly expressed and straightforward to put into practice. This book is such a helpful tool to support you when faced with the duplicitous nature of a narcissist.  Stephanie H.

After having read Mariette’s first book about narcissism. I was delighted she published another one. This is such an informative and easy to read book. I really feel I know them now. As this book presents one rule at the time, it was as if it created space in my mind to think about it and process what it really meant for me. I took it one rule and one day at the time. Beautifully presented and offering practical, very useful advice.  Leonie W.

I love, love, LOVE this book! It is extremely well laid out, easy to follow & gets straight to the nub of things. Dr Jansen’s in-depth knowledge of narcissism and how to manage it shines through. Her authoritative voice on one of our ‘least spoken about topics’ – Narcissism –  is very much needed in today’s world. This book is invaluable to me and helps me in my daily dealings with my narcissists.  Lorraine B.