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Feedback on my talk: Say YES to STRESS

My talk: Say YES to STRESS Stress is such a wonderful positive energy. It motivates, it gets you into gear, it helps you focus and achieve more. But…. it also takes energy, pumps your body full of adrenaline and cortisol,

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Eat your stress away – 7 stress-reducing superfoods

You are what you eat’, the slogan was made famous by Gillian McKeith in her BBC programme, years ago. She was demonstrating how healthy food makes people healthy and vice versa. It made me wonder if there is stress reducing

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Is anxiety taking over your life?

Anxiety is widespread, but lots of people are very good at hiding it. Until they reach the moment it is impossible to live a normal life. Like Ann, who had to take time off work or Anna, who choose a job,

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SMS, the answer to SOS for anxiety

There is a strong mind-body connection regarding stress and anxiety. And one of the ways to deal with it is not by engaging your mind, but by simply engaging your body. Mind-body connection anxiety When the mind gives a message to

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7 easy ways to control your daily stress

Your daily dose of stress will help you safely through the motions of life. We all need a bit of a ‘kick up the bum’ to get into the right gear and perform. And when you get that bit of

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