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Written by Dr Mariette Jansen not only from her expertise as a psychotherapist and life coach but as someone who suffered narcissistic abuse from her mother for almost sixty years, ‘From Victim to Victor: Narcissism Survival Guide’ is exactly what it says on the cover.

Written for those looking to break free of their own narcissist, as well as those curious about this personality disorder so often swept under the rug, Dr Jansen is raw, frank and speaks from the heart.

The book has become an Amazon bestseller in just three weeks, gaining over forty positive reviews. It’s proof that millions are suffering in silence…


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United Kingdom – Dr Mariette Jansen always knew something wasn’t quite right, yet her mother convinced her it was internal. Ironically, it took fifty-eight years for Dr Jansen to accept her mother was a narcissist and cut all ties to her – ties that had encouraged a lifetime of abuse, gaslighting and mental trauma.

After speaking up about her experiences in her capacity as a life coach and psychotherapist, Dr Jansen was shocked at how many other victims of narcissistic abuse reached out to her. She became acutely aware that narcissism is hugely prevalent and mostly undiagnosed, inspiring Dr Jansen to write a book aimed directly at the victims.

But she didn’t expect ‘From Victim to Victor: Narcissism Survival Guide’ to be such an instant hit, with readers from around the world flocking to read Jansen’s experiences in the hope they can break free of their own abuse. It just goes to show how widespread this problem really is.

Top book on narcissism: Synopsis ‘From Victim to Victor‘:

This accessible self-help book is written from the perspective and perceptions of a victim of narcissistic abuse. A victim feels powerless and trapped, but with knowledge and skills, a victim can easily turn into a victor.

This book offers all the support you need to turn into that victor.
  • If you are confused about what a narcissist is and wonder if you have one in your life, this book is for you.
  • If you are not sure if the self-obsessed git or the rude bully is a narcissist, this book is for you.
  • And If you want to know how to deal with narcissists and how to overcome narcissistic abuse, this book is for you.

The author shares her own experiences. And those of others in defining narcissism from the point of view of the victims. Covering the feelings and emotions towards a narcissist, challenging situations and practical techniques and tips to deal with narcissism in day-to-day life.

She interviewed and connected with hundreds of people, who shared anecdotes and stories. Some of which are presented in this book.

What makes this such a great hands-on self-help book is the checklist on how to define a narcissist and to get an insight into how your narcissist impacts on your life. How do you feel, think and behave around your narcissist (or the person you wonder about)? How strong is their influence?

There are worksheets included to get through this process.

But that is only the starting point.

This is followed by a range of tools and tips on how to deal with your narcissist. Always aiming to keep you safe and sane and the one who takes control.

After reading this book you will:
  • Understand what narcissism is
  • Being able to recognise narcissism instantly
  • Have an insight into how their abuse affects you
  • Being able to take control and step away from their unhealthy influence
  • Know strategies on how to deal with narcissists and other difficult people
  • You will move from being a victim to victor by understanding how they operate and strategies to move away from their mind messing power.
Dr Mariette Jansen has written this book from the perspective of the victim of a narcissistic mother and in later life of a partner.

Her experience as a psychotherapist and life coach adds to the depth of content. A soothing and accessible style and makes this book an easy and informative read. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

“The bottom line is that narcissists have no problem with their behaviour and therefore no desire to change,” explains the author. “This confused me greatly. And it led to me having lots of traditional therapy in my younger years that focused on me as a broken child, rather than the problem itself. From what I now hear from other victims, this is a pattern that repeats itself in most situations.

There’s very little out there written directly for these victims, so with my personal and professional insight into the problem, I knew I had to fill the gap and save lives.”


“The book allows people to live life through the eyes of someone living as part of a dysfunctional family, as well as explore the problem from the side of a partner or spouse. Everything culminates in a series of highly-actionable checklists, Q&As, tools, techniques and guides on how to identify a narcissist and break free of the abuse. Believe me, anyone can do it – and it all starts with my book.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. JB writes,

“For years I had wondered what could be wrong with my relationship and more over my Partners difficult traits. This book has been a revelation, not only do I now understand more but I am armed with the information that I need to survive this journey. To add to the help this amazing book has given me there is added support available from the author Mariette .. Priceless .. only when you read this easy to understand book will you know how to cope.”

A E Walker adds,

“From the first line Mariette makes this book so easy to read and the personal documenting is utterly empowering. I could relate to so many of the situations in this book, It is life-changing to realise you are not alone and to learn positive ways to improve your life. I couldn’t put this book down, just brilliant.”

Top book on narcissism. About the Author:

Mariette Jansen is a life coach, psychotherapist, meditation teacher, blogger and speaker.

Mariette obtained a PhD in Communication Science in The Netherlands. And she worked in corporate organisations. An opportunity to retrain arose after the birth of her eldest son when she qualified as a psychotherapist, a counselling tutor and a meditation teacher. After ten years, she decided to focus her client to work more on action and goals and has worked since 2011 as a successful life coach.

Mariette always knew that something was wrong. But couldn’t find what it was. Her parents kept on telling her she was the one who was wrong. But, Mariette knew it couldn’t be just her. Growing up in a dysfunctional family took its toll. One of Mariette reactions to her situation was to develop an eating disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, which lasted 22 years.

Although Mariette now realises that she grew up in a narcissistic family she only started to understand the full extent of her situation in her late 50s. Her mother, her main narcissist, was the most important person in her life and most of her actions were inspired by the wish to please her and be on the receiving end of love, acceptance and respect. It never happened.

As a result of her own realisation, Mariette discovered narcissism and how it plays out. It was an eye-opener and a sanity-saver.

All of a sudden, clarity hit and life made sense. It got easier to understand how to deal with it all and apply the behaviours that would support her on-going happiness and well-being. She met the love of her life, Iain, when she was 37 and moved to the UK to be with him. She never wanted children, but being with Iain pushed the maternal button and at the age of 40 their first child was born, followed 2.5 years later by their second. Both boys, which was a relief.