Each relationship is unique and will have different obstacles or issues to iron out and work on. Some of these issues can be trickier than others, and some might actually just not be understood and instead seen to be annoying personality traits. One of the common culprits, in this case, is anxiety, so let’s explore what anxiety is, how it can affect your relationship and some top tips for dealing with anxiety to help you build a healthy relationship.

What is anxiety

Anxiety is when a person feels uneasy, worried, or fearful, and the reactions can be either mild or severe. To feel anxious in certain situations is perfectly normal, and most people will experience it in their lifetime (usually before a test or interview). Symptoms can vary between people but most commonly:

  • Feeling restless and on edge
  • Headaches, and stomach-aches
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sleeping issues

Some people struggle more with dealing with these feelings of unease and worry, which can lead to problems if not addressed.

How can it affect a relationship?

If you or your partner are not aware of the potential anxiety within your relationship, and how it is playing a part in your dynamic, then it could be causing unknown issues. The person who has anxiety could be seen as annoying, overdramatic, or grouchy by the other, when in fact they are probably just having a hard time dealing with something. Luckily there are a lot of ways to combat anxiety, and even just acknowledging that it is present within the relationship will be a huge step to overcoming this obstacle.

Getting help

A great way to eliminate anxiety-related issues within a relationship is to seek professional help to deal with them. This could be solo appointments for the individual or in the form of couples counselling. These professionals will give you and/or your partner the tools to deal with anxiety correctly and effectively in your day-to-day life. If you want to find out how I can help you, just book a free coaching call.


Often if someone with anxiety is struggling with something, it will be going round and round in their head, and they will most likely be overthinking the situation. A great way to reduce the feelings of overwhelm is to simply reassure them or ask for reassurance if you are the one struggling.


It can be hard at times to express that anxiety is present, and due to the nature of anxiety often those who have it are too anxious to bother anyone else with the fact that they are struggling. So it is for this reason that communication is important. If you are suffering then you need to communicate this to your partner, or if you notice your partner is acting a little off you need to approach the subject with them.

There are many other ways of dealing with anxiety or helping others to manage their anxiety, but these are a few great steps to try if you are looking for somewhere to start.