use positive words

Use positive words

It is the carrier of your subconscious

I spoke to a lady who kept on telling me a few times in the conversation that she was a very positive person. At the end I challenged her, mentioning how often she had used the words difficult, impossible and totally wrong which, to me, are very negative words. That made her think. And conclude that she was telling herself how positive she was, because that is what she wanted, but how she felt quite negative. A bit of an eye opener!

And what gave her away was the language she used.

Do you use a lot of ‘sorry’? Sorry is a word that represents often an inappropriate and self-orientated apology. Like sorry for being here, I am sorry or taking the blame (when you step on my foot) and putting yourself down. Saying sorry draws the attention to you and to what you, rightly or wrongly, have done wrong. And there is no need to say sorry.

Use positive words

When you are at fault, try to change your language from sorry to thank you. The focus shifts from negative on yourself to positive on the others.


Instead of sorry I am late, say thank you for waiting for me;

Instead of sorry being such a mess, say thank you for being with me and accepting me the way I am.

Changing sorry to thank you shifts the way you feel and think about yourself and it also changes the energy of the exchange. You bring in gratitude instead of negativity. And gratitude is very powerful in building good relationships. Read more here.

You might find other use of language as well, which you could change from negative to positive.

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