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A matter of mindfulness: why worry?

My 14 year old son thinks the world is his. He is a real alpha-male and feels invincible. When he announced he was going out on a Friday night, I asked him where he was going, with whom, what time.

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FREE online meditation class

Want to sleep like a baby? It’s not a dream anymore if you join the online meditation class. It’s a taster, so it’s free. It’s from your own home, so it’s easy. I know what I’m doing and it is

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Brain waves and how to make the most of meditation

Ever had a brain wave? That light bulb moment, which feels like a palpitating sensation inside your head? It doesn’t happen that often (well, definitely not to me) and I do wonder what actually is happening. The brain is an active

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Top 10 meditations

Meditation is the skill of focussing your mind. Traditionally the focus is on the breathing. It makes sense as you always breathe, so there never is a reason to not meditate. But there are a lot of other ways in

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7 tip to deal with teenage stress

Teenage years are full of teenage stress. They are also an interesting time in life: for children and for parents! My eldest is 16 now and behaves like, what I think is a typical teenager. An angel at one moment,

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